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Decorating your home: where to start?

Actualizado: 2 de abr de 2019

Did you just buy a new house or rented a new apartment and want to decorate it but haven’t done it before and have no idea where to start? This article is what you were looking for! Decorating and especially from scratch can be really frustrating, however here you will find 4 tips which if followed can be very helpful during your decorating journey. Let’s dig in!

1. Choose the style

Always start with choosing the style. You can also follow this rule not only while decorating your home but also while buying a new dress, having a new haircut or buying a new car. Anyway, if you choose the design style you want for your apartment’s or house’s interior, you are already halfway there. Do you want modern, luxury, classic or everything combined? Decide which style you are going to follow and start looking for the materials! It is way easier to choose the furniture from one or several styles than look through the entire store and end with having different design furniture from the different periods of time.

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2. Start with the biggest furniture

Now that you have broken down your decorating style and design, it’s time to start looking for the furniture and materials. Always start with the most important piece in the room. The biggest furniture is usually the most expensive and the most important, that’s why it is the best to start with that one piece and then work your way from there. In the living room, first choose a couch or sectional, in the bedroom, of course, the bed is the most important furniture. It is important to invest the most money on the biggest piece because it is also going to be used the most. You can save money on décor details such as coffee table, pillows or picture frames but never save on your couch!

3. Invest in the walls, ceiling, and floor

Since you have already chosen the style, it’s time to paint and decorate your walls, ceiling, and floor. Everyone expects that they won’t have to repaint the walls or ceiling at least for the following 5-10 years, as well as remake the floor. However, if you do not prepare the walls, ceiling or floor good and don’t choose the right products, you might spend half of your free-time fighting the mold, peeling paint or any other problems. Our 3D wall panels have a 10-year warranty which proves that up to 10 years you will not have any problems with your walls or ceiling, whether you use them inside, outside or in wet areas. Invest more now and save your time and money in the future.

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4. Choose the colors

It is normal that time from the time you want to repaint the rooms in different colors, but if it’s your first time decorating and you are not sure which color suits you best, pull the color palette from the furniture you love the most. Even if it’s your carpet, but you know that you definitely want to see it in your living room or a bedroom, use it as a color palette! Your favorite furniture or a décor detail is favorite because of the shape, material and the color, so why not take the most advantage of it, right?

Whatever you are planning to do, it’s the best to have a plan even though, usually, plans do not work as we thought they will, they help to realize what we actually expect and what are our dreams. Decorating your new home can take a while but as you spend more time at home you will get to know it better and you might have new ideas on how you want to decorate one or another room. So, don’t rush and enjoy this time because one day it’s going to be a great memory to remember.

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