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Decoration Day: to honor every professional

Actualizado: 2 de abr de 2019

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Have you ever searched for “Decoration Day” on the internet? Well, if you are interested in the décor then we are sure you did! Most probably, you couldn’t find much information about this day because, apparently, it doesn’t exist! You may have found some info about the former “Decoration Day” that was later renamed to “Memorial Day” however it wasn’t related to décor or design. So why not create one?

Home décor began back in Ancient Rome. The Romans used to display their wealth through the lifestyle and home. The floor used to be designed with mosaics, their furniture was constructed out of expensive and high-quality materials. In the Renaissance period, only the richest people were able to afford carpets. However, these days home décor is available for everyone with market giants such as IKEA, Pottery Barn, and others. People who think that decoration isn’t important and even useless, usually still decorate their home without thinking about it. Did you buy a new flower for your house? Did you buy a new blanket or pillows? All of this is home décor!

The idea of creating “Decoration Day” is to honor every professional who is involved, directly and indirectly in interior design and home decor. Interior design and décor is the art of dealing with internal areas to create the good atmosphere in a room to accomplish a psychological comfort through the distribution of décor and interior design details that include furniture, light, color, form, materials, etc. A true interior designer works from the heart and knows that decorating isn’t about matching every single detail, it’s about creating a good atmosphere and expressing the feelings.

Let’s create a new “Decoration Day”! Mark your calendars for 18th of February and spread it to the world! Because we all deserve to have our day!

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