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Can these scientific facts add joy to your home?

Can the colors, accessories, and furniture that we use in our home, actually make us feel better and happier? Yes, it really can, and it does! Have you ever thought why people choose one color over another one or why they buy one product over another one? In this blog post, we are going to dig into the scientific facts which prove that design tricks might actually affect your daily moods and add joy to your house!

Let more sun into the house

Since there is no real explanation, how and if vitamin D helps in depression, however, the research by Vitamin D Council showed that low vitamin D level is found in folks with depression. It doesn’t say that the sun is the best source of vitamin D (in fighting depression), but it is an important element that our bodies need. Most probably, all of us have noticed that after a rainy day when the sun starts shining we feel happier and even more motivated. So, open your windows wide and let the sun into your home!

Plants not only for visual beauty

Simply, the plants in our houses clean the air. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and also eliminates harmful toxins. Research by NASA has revealed that plants in the house can remove up to 87% of air toxin in only 24hours! Can you believe it? So, since it’s so easy to clean our oxygen in the house, why not to add a couple of extra plants? Beauty for the eyes and cleaner oxygen for our lungs! Healthier means happier, right?

Splash some yellow color

Color can not only add boldness to an interior space, but it can also reshape your attitude. Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam did research and found out that yellow color makes us happy. However, this color usually makes happy only adults. There is a chance that yellow will make your baby cry even more! So, you should avoid it in the children rooms, but definitely use it in the adult areas!

DIY accessories

According to the CNN article, making things with your hands might have the same benefits as meditating! It also can encourage our brain to produce a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy. So, if you want a new pillow, why not to make it yourself? It will be unique, you will make it according to your needs and wishes, and you might become happier!

Such simple tips that are mostly known by everyone, but usually forgotten. So, if you are having a bad day, try to make something with your own hands! Want to be healthier? Buy yellow flowers, for mental and physical health! Don’t forget that first, you need to listen to yourself and choose everything according to your needs. Enjoy!

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