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Stairwell design: how to improve it?

Actualizado: 29 de mar de 2019

You have been working on your home design, and most of the rooms already finished. But before you put the list away and consider the work done, think about the places of your home that are overlooked. For example, don't forget about the stairway design.

Yes, the staircase area is small, and the square footage is limited. However, a stairway is the bridge that connects floors of your home and creates a cohesive feel in your entire house. Let's find out how you can improve the design of your stairwell, so you wouldn't miss this design opportunity.


One of the best ways to design your stair area is to create an architecturally-interesting stairway, which ensures that space holds its own. However, it can require a major renovation which will take a lot of time and money. Fortunately, you can give the staircase architectural presence by rethinking your railing. Free-hanging glass creates a sleek, minimalist feel. An extended wood railing adds natural texture and warmth to the room. Whatever tone you want for the house, the railing can help you get it.


Not every stairway has enough space to accommodate the furniture, but you should think further than that. If your stair placed in the living room, it can affect the design of the whole room. A structural and solid stair looks great next to a heavy piece of furniture. A simpler, narrower stairway would look better next lightweight furniture. Sometimes, all you need is just to move a couch to the other side of the room, and you already have a completely new look.

3D Wall Panels by De Wolfe, Pandora Design


The first thing to consider when installing the lights in the stairwell should be adding wall recessed lights. It can create a stunning factor whether in classy or modern stairs. Also, a great effect could be done by creating a series of niches in the wall, combined with the step lights for the perfect scheme.


Usually, in a stairway area, we just hang a couple of pictures or paintings and don't bother ourselves with the further decor. But what if the boring walls could look stunning without investing a fortune and spending lots of time? 3D wall panels can create a completely new look for your staircase. Like in the picture above, we see that the stair itself isn't architecturally-interesting, doesn't have a fancy railing, or stunning lighting. Despite that, the stairwell looks luxury and modern. 3D wall panels by De Wolfe are very easy to install, have a 10-year factory warranty and distinguishes by simple maintenance.

Either you choose to add different lighting, move the furniture or install 3D wall panels, don’t leave the staircase empty. Every space of your home deserves good design and décor. Good luck!

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